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O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Programme

The programme supports the contemporary artistic creation, stimulating its research and development by hosting two residencies for EMERGING ARTISTS. It provides to the selected projects conditions for its development during one month. O Rumo do Fumo offers: financial support, rehearsal studio, artistic counselling and organization of a work-in-progress presentation at Espaço da Penha.


- Pink Noise by Alina Folini: 7 September to 3 October. Informal presentation on 3 October at 5pm, at Espaço da Penha 

La Burla by Bruno Brandolino and Bibi Dória: 26 October to 21 November. Informal presentation on 20 November at 6pm, Espaço da Penha (mandatory booking at https://forms.gle/iszfbQuzwv2tKFiX7)


Pink Noise by Alina Ruiz Folini

This voice is a body vibrating within another body. These eyes, I don't know how to say, have to be there. This tongue echoes by sliding through warm saliva. This dispossessed mouth speaks inwards. The vulva is often said to be a mouth. Mouths, orifices, tongues and hands are allies in queer pleasure. Many. The one that looks, the one that sounds, the one that speaks. A word and the roar that deforms it. A sound and the saliva wrapping it. The claw is still on the knee and everything looks like AAAAAAuuuu and everything does like BúOBúOBúO like gRRRRRRRRRR. The voice is thrown towards that other space in the back, in the ancient brain, towards the occipitals. And there everything does HHUUUUUUUMMMM.


"Approaching the world with ears wide open, with as much courage as one could muster,
pausing when necessary, and listening deeply"
Pauline Oliveros. The New Sonic Meditations (1989)


PINK NOISE is a choreographic piece created by the argentine choreographer and dancer Alina Ruiz Folini. It is based on a practice of deep listening, with the desire to de-hierarchize the relationship between "what is seen, what is heard and what is said", thus opening up a bodily experience of tension between non-opposite poles, where the paths are not binary. It investigates from the practice of listening, resounding and dissociating: to develop a sensory interference of audible bodies and visible sounds.

Echo, resonance, camouflage, dissociation, tubes, circumferences, vibrations, contours, diffusion of contours, polymouths, polysemias, humidities, in the construction of a discourse made of elastic relations that circulate between sound and silence.

The piece is positioned on the question of listening, not only acoustic, but also of lesbian and queer sensibilities, as a concern for other forms of research and creation of language that question the methodologies of normative creation.

PINK NOISE was the final work of the artist within the framework of PACAP 4 - Program for Advanced Creation in Performing Arts, presented in process at Forum Dança - Lisbon, in June 2020.


Choreography and Performance: Alina Ruiz Folini
Artistic Collaboration: Carolina Campos and Leticia Skrycky
Support: O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Programme


LA BURLA by Bruno Brandolino and Bibi Dória 

LA BURLA unfolds a grotesque universe, bodies and subjects are called upon to offer us access to their view of the world. The grotesque is established by the direct relationship with the materiality of the body, with pleasures and festivity; laughter and mockery take on an ambivalent potency by degrading the high and spiritual, restoring its connection with the material, the earthly and the body; configuring a new order in which any hierarchy is meaningless. The work proposes a cyclical and spiral dynamic that reproduces one of the characteristic features of the grotesque: metamorphosis. This cyclical trait makes it possible to revisit images and bodies, inscribe them in space and take the time to rewrite them in an unfinished and expansive process of transformation. A perennial becoming of births and deaths, appearances and dilutions, an infinite writing of personal, collective and historical projections.


Direction and Performance: Bruno Brandolino

Cocreation and Performance: Bibi Dória

Light Design: Leticia Skrycky

Executive Production: Gabriela Orestes

Support: O Espaço do Tempo (PT), 23 Milhas (PT), La Caldera (ES), O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Programme (PT), Estúdios Victor Córdon (PT) and Forum Dança (PT)


O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Programme is supported by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Divisão de Acção Cultural / Direcção Municipal de Cultura 

Ficha Artística


Self with mistake by Henrique Furtado Vieira

TOUCH by Emilie Gregersen



Molto bene, molto male - le canzoni del Paradiso by Polina Akhmetzyanova - Project dossier

FrontMan by Juliana Oliveira - Project dossier



Self with mistake by Henrique Furtado Vieira: artistic residency 5 - 31 August 2019, informal presentation 29 August 2019

TOUCH by Emilie Gregersen: artistic residency30 September - 26 October 2019, informal presentation on 25 October 2019



Molto bene, molto male - le canzoni del Paradiso by Polina Akhmetzyanova: artistic residency 12 November - 8 December 2018, informal presentation 7 December 2018

FrontMan by Juliana Oliveira: artistic residency 8 October - 3 November 2018, workshop 11 October 2018, informal presentation 2 November 2018