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O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Program, 2018

This program supports contemporary artistic creation, stimulating research and development by hosting two residencies for emerging artists, providing the selected projects, one national and one foreigner, with conditions for its development during one month. O Rumo do Fumo offers: financial support, rehearsal studio, artistic consulting and organization of an informal presentation at Espaço da Penha, open to the public.

O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Program is supported by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Divisão de Acção Cultural / Direcção Municipal de Cultura.


FrontMan by Juliana Oliveira (PT/DE)

Residency 1 (national): October 8 - November 3, informal presentation on November 2 at 6.30pm

This is a sold out concert. Electrifying. Underneath the Followspot: the myth of rock, the frontman, with open legs, his claws on the microphone, standing, there, sweeping the stage, upsetting the guitars and being applauded, frantic and booed of stage. The stage shakes and inflates carrying this body, which is like a kaleidoscope of rock stars' memories. Through the appropriation of poses and gestures, Juliana Oliveira slips inside the veins of music legends. With physical devotion, in a kind of pervasive performance, sweat and vulnerability appear after the risk. The disfigured frontman disappears into the dressing room.

FrontMan is a band without musicians, without sound and with style in an excessive choreographic concert. The songs echo in the confines of the head, the feet palpitate and the subwoofer, which pack the body back and forth, imagine. An authentically fake.

The Artistic Residency at O Rumo do Fumo is the first of three rehearsal stages of the project scheduled to premiere May/June 2019 in Hamburg.

Creation Juliana Oliveira
Performance Lois Bartel and Juliana Oliveira
Dramaturgy and Text Greta Granderath
Costumes Ilona Klein
Light Consultancy Sérgio Pessanha    
Creation support by O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Program (Lisbon), Kampnagel (Hamburg), Probebühne im Gängeviertel e.V. (Hamburg)
Financed by Hamburgische Kultur Stiftung and Behörde für Kultur und Medien (Hamburg)

Workshop Second Step by Lois Bartel, Greta Granderath and Juliana Oliveira

11 October from 5pm to 9pm, O Rumo do Fumo, Espaço da Penha, Lisbon/Portugal

Lois Bartel (DE), Greta Granderath (DE) and Juliana Oliveira (PT/DE) are in artistic residency at O Rumo do Fumo. During the month of October they engage in research for the creation of the performance FrontMan. On the first week of residency they open the creation process for a meeting with performance and dance professionals/students. The three artists share performative practices and strategies that are the basis of the project. Each one develops and presents a practical proposal to be exercised by the participants of the meeting. Free participation. Bring your phones.

Target audience: professionals and students of the performing arts; english speaking participants are appreciated

Required material: sportswear, socks, personal phone



Molto bene, molto male - le canzoni del Paradiso de Polina Akhmetzyanova

Residency 2 (international): November 12 - December 8, informal presentation on December 7 at 6.30pm

"A little girl who has a very nice coat or who has the prospect of taking part in a children's snack very soon may, for some time, impose a regime of terror in the street: but she always knows that her domination is based on fragile foundations, at any time she will come down from her pedestal because one of these comrades will be jealous of her, or because another will not tell a lie to her father and mother. And a little girl who does not have a 'best friend' is the most lonely being there on God's earth, even if she is allowed to play with other children." (The Wise Virgins; Undset, S., 1918)  

Molto bene, molto male - le canzoni del Paradiso associates various texts and sounds of high, low and pop cultures. All of them in some way related to projections into desired futures, thus constituting the music of hope.

Concept and Performance Polina Akhmetzyanova
Texts Sigrid Undset, Polina Akhmetzyanova
Advice Axelle Stiefel, Miguel Pereira
Support TextContact festival (Switzerland), O Rumo do Fumo (Portugal)