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O Rumo do Fumo - 20 Years

In 2019 O Rumo do Fumo celebrates 20 years of uninterrupted activity. Founded in 1999 by Vera Mantero, we are a creation, production, diffusion, research, training and programming structure in the area of ​​contemporary dance. We currently represent the associated artists Miguel Pereira and Vera Mantero and support Elizabete Francisca and Nuno Lucas.

Between October 2019 and July 2020 O Rumo do Fumo presents a celebratory programme with a set of activities, among which we highlight the birthday party on December 14 at Espaço da Penha with several performances.

Throughout ten months we also highlight a set of projects produced by O Rumo do Fumo that will be presented at partner artistic venues and structures, such as “The Clean and the Dirty” by Vera Mantero, “Era um peito só cheio de promessas” by Miguel Pereira, “Ma vie va changer” by Nuno Lucas and “Dias contados”, by Elizabete Francisca.


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