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10 Years of Espaço da Penha Party!

16 March 2024

Saturday, 4pm - 12pm at Espaço da Penha

A workspace can also be a home. Home in the sense of welcome, warmth and well-being. Espaço da Penha is our home. A house that has been in existence for 10 years. And everyone who passes through here understands the importance of this designation. Espaço da Penha is a house for dance, for those who make dance. Despite the problems and difficulties that a house always entails, we've always tried to give the best welcome to those who come to us. Espaço da Penha is currently inhabited by O Rumo do Fumo, Forum Dança and the group of artists of Piscina. But several other structures and artists have passed through here, including Teatro do Vestido, Teatro do Elétrico, Causas Comuns, casaBranca, Frame Colectivo, Stró, Carta Branca, Miguel Loureiro, João Tuna and Theory-Fiction.

We want this to continue to be a place for encounters and sharing. And there's nothing like a party to announce our desire to continue this project. O Rumo do Fumo and Forum Dança invite everyone to come along on 16 March, starting at 4pm, at Espaço da Penha. We've prepared several surprises. There are performances to watch, cake to sing happy birthday, sparkling wine to toast, music to dance to. And a house with open doors to welcome you today and, we hope, for many more years to come.

4-7pm Performances
7pm Buffet dinner
9pm Cake and sparkling wine
10-12pm Djset

Programme to be announced soon