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O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Programme

The programme supports contemporary artistic creation, stimulating its research and development by hosting two residencies for EMERGING ARTISTS. It provides to the selected projects, one national and one international, conditions for its development during one month. O Rumo do Fumo offers: financial support, rehearsal studio, artistic counselling and organization of a work-in-progress presentation at Espaço da Penha.  

Selected projects 2019:

National Residency Self with mistake by Henrique Furtado Vieira – 5 to 31 August, with informal presentation on 29 August at 6.30pm.

International Residency TOUCH by Emilie Gregersen – 30 September to 26 October, with informal presentation on 25 October at 6.30pm.   


Self with mistake by Henrique Furtado Vieira

My research is based on 21st century transhumanism and technology, which may affect our ideas of body on issues such as morphology, dynamics, sexuality, gender, identity aspirations, and how we entrust our gestures in the world. I see cyborgization, virtualization, and the imminent fusion of humanity with a cosmic data processing system where information is infinite, shifting and blurring the boundaries of our physical and mental bodies as starting points for creative speculation.

Creation Henrique Furtado Vieira 

Research Colaborators Céline Cartillier, ErGe Yu 

Support O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Programme, Bolsa Self-mistake


TOUCH by Emilie Gregersen  

In a world that is highly dominated by the sense of vision, I find it necessary to talk about the sense of touch. Touching is what engages me in the physical world, it anchors my body to the ground and brings me closer to what is not me. Through touch I am massaging the line between what is considered my inside world and what is considered my outside world. As I touch, I’m also being touched. Touch is the encounter between surfaces, between being and the world, between beings and beings. Therefore, I find it necessary to insist on touch as a practice of empathy, as something deeply relevant to our perception of being with the world, especially in a time where our existence is moving accumulatively from the physical world and into the digital. 

TOUCH is a choreographic piece by choreographer and dancer, Emilie Gregersen (DK). The piece is developed in collaboration with sound artist, Karis Zidore (DK) and dramaturge/choreographic consultant Naya Moll (DK). The work studies perceptions of touch within a mutual influence and reflection between the digital and the physical world. Touch is being stretched and distorted in the bridge between intimacy and distance, reality and fiction, human and human-like. In this collision between something deeply heartfelt and something extremely mechanical, an absurdity and ironic drama arises where human perceptions of touch are being distorted in a metallic and tech-sensual universe.


Concept, Choreography and Performance Emilie Gregersen

Sound and Music Karis Zidore

Dramaturgy and Choreographic Consultancy Naya Moll

Video and Photography Palle Schultz 

Support O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Programme, William Demant Fonden 


O Rumo do Fumo - Residency Programme is supported by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Divisão de Acção Cultural / Direcção Municipal de Cultura and EGEAC

Media partner in 2019:


Ficha Artística


Molto bene, molto male - le canzoni del Paradiso by Polina Akhmetzyanova - Project dossier

FrontMan by Juliana Oliveira - Project dossier



Molto bene, molto male - le canzoni del Paradiso by Polina Akhmetzyanova: artistic residency 12 November - 8 December 2018, informal presentation 7 December 2018

FrontMan by Juliana Oliveira: artistic residency 8 October - 3 November 2018, workshop 11 October 2018, informal presentation 2 November 2018