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Training > SUPER! by Miguel Pereira, 2024


by Miguel Pereira, 2024

New creation developped in the framework of Rampa.1 Artistic Creation and Formation in Dance

Auditions: 13 January, from 10am to 6pm, Convento de São Francisco

Training period: 17 January - 6 April 2024

Performances: 5 and 6 April 2024 at the Black Box, Convento de São Francisco


The RAMPA project is organised by four entities from Coimbra: Convento São Francisco, Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, Escola da Noite and O Teatrão. It aims to provide training in contemporary dance for dancers and performers aged between 16 and 26 from Coimbra. RAMPA.0 project included the participation of choreographer Rui Horta and culminated with the performance of "Einstein's Dreams" on 21 April 2023. For the second edition, RAMPA.1, choreographer Miguel Pereira has been invited to direct the project. His assistant director will be Pietro Romani. In addition to the training, the two artists will work with this group of young people to create a new piece, which they called SUPER! 

SUPER! is an ode to the strength and creative pulse of the young dancers who take part in Rampa. In SUPER! we get a glimpse of their motivations, expectations and desires, what drives them, what they think, what dance they are looking for and projecting. These are their stories, secrets and revelations, in a movement of public transformation of what we would like to do but have never done. SUPER! is a poetic and political statement, made with lightness and humour, revealing another side of what dance can also be. SUPER! is Cristiana, Francisca, Gabriel, Inês, Lucas, Marta, Sofia, Kika and Zé Pedro, dedicated to them, made with them. And that's SUPER!

The show will be presented at the Black Box of the Convento de São Francisco on 5 and 6 April 2024.


Ficha Artística

Artistic Direction
Miguel Pereira

Assistant Director
Pietro Romani

Cristiana Piorro Viola, Francisca Gouveia, Francisca Fonseca, José Pedro Varela, Sofia Rosado, Marta Bajouco, Inês Pombo, Lucas Mariz

Carlota Lagido

Light design
Collective creation with the coordination by Nuno Patinho

Sound support
Francisco Correia

O Rumo do Fumo

Executive Production
João Albano / O Rumo do Fumo

An initiative by
Convento São Francisco, Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, Teatrão, Escola da Noite