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Training > Tempos Cruzados: intergenerational artistic workshop with Henrique Furtado Vieira, 2024

Tempos Cruzados: intergenerational artistic workshop

with Henrique Furtado Vieira, 2024

Workshop: 24 - 28 June, from 10am-1pm and 2.30-5.30pm

Public presentation: 28 June, Auditório da Biblioteca Orlando Ribeiro (time to be confirmed)

UTIL Attic, Junta de Freguesia do Lumiar, Lisboa


Seniors and young people, two groups of the population that tend to be unemployed. Some because they are retired. The others because they haven't yet entered the labour market. This common and shared condition is the starting point for this workshop, which aims to see being ‘unemployed’ or ‘retired’ as something auspicious.

The basis of the workshop is a time bank. Each participant gives one to two hours of their time to another participant, whether it's teaching them a skill, passing on knowledge or know-how, providing them with a service, giving them experience or giving them some kind of project, artistic or otherwise, etc., regardless of the type or difficulty of the job. In return, you will receive one hour of another participant's time. In this way, the actions and benefits are distributed evenly throughout the system, in an alternative way of exchanging work and well-being, close to the gift economy, which aims to question the concepts and characteristics of what we consider ‘value’ and ‘work’, bringing together, in this workshop, the points of view of people who are no longer employed and the points of view of people who are not yet employed.

The workshop will also consist of a kind of school, in the sense closest to its etymology: the word school derives from the Greek scholé, meaning ‘leisure’. In its origins, the school would be a free time where people got together to ‘do nothing’, spend time, and where it would be possible to have a conversation and/or share interesting and educational experiences.

Thus, each participant will be invited to conceive, realise and eventually document a ‘moment’ with another participant, based on their personal stories and baggage. Activities will then be proposed that will allow them to process, reflect on the shared ‘moments’ and translate them into artistic and performative objects: choreographic exercises, writing, speaking, reactivating these ‘moments’ in groups, etc.... At the end, there will be a public presentation open to the community.


- For: Children and young people between the ages of 8 and 16, seniors over the age of 55.
- Capacity: 20 participants
- Registration: With Junta de Freguesia do Lumiar


Ficha Artística

Henrique Furtado Vieira

Graduated in energy and environmental engineering, currently a dancer, performer and choreographer, Henrique Furtado Vieira lives in Lisbon. He carried out his artistic training in several French institutions (INSA Lyon, Extensions – CDC Toulouse, Prototype II and Dialogues III – Royaumont abbey). He develops his artistic practice mainly between choreographic creation and collaboration as a performer with various artists such as Bleuène Madelaine, Eric Languet, Aurélien Richard, Céline Cartillier, Tino Sehgal, Salomé Lamas, Ana Renata Polónia, André Uerba, Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz, Vera Mantero, Boris Charmatz e Tania Soubry. From time to time, he dedicates himself to research, pedagogy and writing in relation to dance, in different contexts and through multiple partnerships (O Rumo do Fumo, Unlock Dancing Plaza, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Colectivo 84, Comédias do Minho, GrETUA...), and more recently he has been involved as a dramaturg in the choreographies of Nicolas Hubert (Compagnie Épiderme) and Giulia Arduca (Compagnie Ke Kosa). He curated the second edition of the MATÉRIA project, together with Catarina Vieira and Josefa Pereira, organizing meetings, open to the community, on a monthly basis, to share artistic practices. His works are often created in synergy with other artists such as Bibi Ha Bibi, with Aloun Marchal, Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven, with Chiara Taviani, or To Die for Little Birds, with Lígia Soares.  In his shows / performances, the overlapping of styles and genres, the vocal presence in dance and the space(s) of imagination have a prominent place. He has collaborated and presented his work in institutions such as Aerowaves, CDC Toulouse, Göteborg Theater and Dance Festival, Roma Europa Festival, DNA Network, Porto Municipal Theater, Temps d’Image Festival, Espaço do Tempo, CCB, among others.