Training > Workshop Body and identity in the performance space with Miguel Pereira / O Rumo do Fumo, 2022

Workshop Body and identity in the performance space

with Miguel Pereira / O Rumo do Fumo, 2022

22 to 26 May 2023 from 6pm to 9pm, Espaço da Penha, Lisbon/Portugal

organised by O Rumo do Fumo


The purpose of this workshop is to share methodologies, experiences and reflections on the identity and representation of the body in the theatrical space. It’s open to participants from all areas and backgrounds, professional and non-professional, with different levels of experience, who seek new possibilities of creation and composition in dance / performance / theatre. This workshop is also an opportunity to network, develop new affinities and / or deepen working relationships for future collaborations.

The search for and identification of an artistic identity is something that moves me, assuming it as an enhancing space, fluctuating and unstable at the same time, that allows us to question our own limits. I am interested in expanding the possibilities of the body and mind in confrontation with the world around us, allowing the creation of new perspectives and reflections on what we are and what we are not, revealing powers that might be hidden.

Miguel Pereira


Miguel Pereira attended The National Conservatory Dance School and the Higher School of Dance (ESD), in Lisbon. Received a scholarship from the Portuguese Ministry of Culture to continue his studies in Paris (Théâtre Contemporain de la Danse) and in New York. As a performer he worked with, among others, Filipa Francisco, Francisco Camacho and Vera Mantero. Of his choreographic work special mention goes to: the esteemed work “Antonio Miguel” (2000) for which he received the Revelation Prize José Ribeiro da Fonte/Ministry of Culture and an honour for the prize of Acarte/Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão (2000), “Notes for an invisible show” (2001), the performance that is only announced by date and place (2002), “Corpo de Baile” (2005), “Karima meets Lisboa meets Miguel meets Cairo” a collaboration with the Egyptian choreographer Karima Mansour (2006), “Doo” (2008), “Antonio & Miguel” (2010) a collaboration with Antonio Tagliarini, “Op. 49” (2012), “WILDE” (2013) a collaboration with Jorge Andrade/mala voadora, “Repertoire for chairs, costumes, and extras” (2015) for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte and recently “Piece for business” and “Happy piece” (2017), “Era um peito só cheio de promessas” (2019), and “False Friends” (2021) a collaboration with Guillem Mont de Palol. 


- Applications open through the form
- Price: 36€/person (limited vacancies)
Requirements: minimum age 18, open to professionals and non-professionals. English speaking participants are welcome but we require a basic understanding of the Portuguese language
- Rules and Regulations: download in Portuguese


Address: Travessa do Calado 26-B, Penha de França, 1170-070 Lisboa
Public transports: METRO Arroios/ BUS 37B, 706, 718, 730, 735, 742, 797