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Elizabete Francisca

Elizabete Francisca was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She completed a degree in Industrial Design (ESAD-CR), and studied dance at Forum Dança (PEPCC) and Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon. She works as a performer and creator in the field of performing arts since 2009. She participated in several projects as a performer, dancer and actress, collaborating with the following artists: with Ana Borralho & João Galante in Sexy MF, I Put a Spell on You, Untitled Still Life, Art Piss on money and politics, Purgatory and Here we are; Vera Mantero in Good Feelings, Bad Feelings; Subreptitious - clandestine body and Mais Pra Menos Que Pra Mais; with Rita Natálio in I don't understand and I am afraid of understanding, the world scares me with its planets and cockroaches; with Loic Touzé in Ô Montagne and Around the Table; with Tânia Carvalho in Icosahedron; with Mariana T. Barros in Piece of the Heart, and with Mark Tompkins in Improvisations and collaborations: Improvisation on the basis of Terry Riley's IN C, amongst others. In collaboration with Teresa Silva she created the duets Take the hand that I take the arm and No waiting for wonder, both winners of the contest Jovens Criadores in 2010 and 2011. In 2013 she creates the solo TSUNAMISM, recital for two strings in M, premiered at Culturgest, Lisbon. Her work as creator and interpreter has been presented in various festivals in France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Austria. She was an associated artist of Materiais Diversos, the structure directed by Tiago Guedes, between 2011-2013. Currently she is supported by O Rumo do Fumo.