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11th September 2007

by Miguel Pereira, 2007

'The full-tides, the volcanic eruptions, the towers that fall, the fires in the forests, the tunnels that collapse (…)! Awful! Terrible! Monstrous! Scandalous! But where is the scandal? The true scandal?
(…) What really goes on, what we live by, the rest, the whole rest, where is it? What goes on each day that each day returns, the banal thing, the daily life, the obvious, the common, the familiar, the infra-ordinary thing, the back noise, the usual, how to spot it, how to question it, how to describe it?'

Georges Perec in L’infra-Ordinaire

When I received the invitation to create a piece for this peculiar group, immediately came to my mind the text of Georges Perec. It has been a long time since I’m willing to show that witch, contrarily to the substance of the show, is incapable of being 'spectacular'. What rules our lives, the 'routine of our lives', everything that Perec writes as common, banal, etc. and that after all discloses everyone in the most unexpected moments. As well as in the everyday life, in the process of creation of a play the routine of 'every day' also exists: to set a schedule, to arrive, to enter in the studio and to try 'to make' something. 

It was in a evening apparently equal to any other evening by the end of a summer that, without warning, a torrential rain abated over the city. It was another day of rehearsals in the gymnasium of the High School of Pinheiro Rosa. 
A programmer, a bank clerk, a social educator, a house front and a biologist, after another day of work, entered a space, partially empty, congregated around a circle of chairs previously organized, and during one hour and a half were only forbidden of using conversation to communicate between themselves, 'just being'. What extraordinary cause moved them?

This is the document and the possible reproduction of some of these moments carved in the life of Gil, Joana, Ricardo, Murta, and Teresa, at 11 September 2007.

Miguel Pereira

Ficha Artística

Miguel Pereira

Rehearsal assistance
Andreas Dyrdal

Light and sound design
Rui Gonçalves

Gil Silva, Joana Costa, Nuno Murta, Ricardo Mendonça e Teresa da Silva

Miguel Pereira


Executive production
O Rumo do Fumo


Premiere - 7 December 2007, Teatro das Figuras, Faro/Portugal