Em Circulação > 24th June 2002, Teatro da Comuna by Miguel Pereira, 2002

24th June 2002, Teatro da Comuna

by Miguel Pereira, 2002

The catalysing idea behind my new project is the development of a thought around the show. The show that is usually presented, built, conceived. The show that the public sees, and wants to see. It is in search of an alternative area to the space that is categorically imposed, that I experiment different possibilities of communication, in order to adjust their real function to new issues, needs and urgencies. Breaking expectations, codes, myths, order and subverting them. Sliding away senses, contents, in search of a new order of comprehension. Create from what is not supposed to be seen, accepted; from what is considered vain or inexistent.
Miguel Pereira

“ Movement became my reason for being, my excuse. Movement for its own sake. I forget who it was who wrote about the importance of doing nothing, how the art of doing nothing is one that most people seem to have forgotten. Well, I decided to resurrect the art. In doing nothing, I would be reduced to what I was moving through. I would, quite literally, become part of the scenery. I would blend, immerse. Dissolve.”
Rupert Thomson - “The Book of Revelation”

* The title of the piece is the date and place where the performance will take place each time it is presented

Ficha Artística

Miguel Pereira

Sílvia Real; Antonio Tagliarini; Miguel Pereira

Special participation
Pedro Nuñez

Light design
Miguel Pereira with Bruno Gaspar

Executive production
O Rumo do Fumo

Danças na Cidade; Forum Dança; Centro Coreográfico de Montemor-o-Novo; Transforma; DeVIR

Bomba Suicida; Graça Passos; Antonio Carallo; Produções Real Pelágio; Rui Horta; André Guedes; Mário Afonso; Susana Lopes

Paulo MilHomens


11 October 2009, Festival Trama/Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto/Portugal 
10 May 2003, Arnolfini, Bristol/UK 
8 May 2003, Notdance Festival/Dance 4, Nottingham/UK
2 April 2003, Mapas/Miguel Pereira – Transforma-AC, Caldas Da Rainha/Portugal 
30 August 2002, Mladi Levi Festival, Ljubljana/Slovenia 
15 September 2002, Festival A Sul/CAPA, Faro/Portugal 
24 - 27 June 2002, Festival Danças na Cidade, Lisbon/Portugal
Premiere - 24 June 2002, Teatro da Comuna, Lisbon/Portugal