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All you need is plankton

by Vera Mantero



In 2019, the IMF claimed to have discovered in whales the solution for excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Whales can save us from global warming! Uh, well, but, hmm, this will happen only IF the numbers of whales in the oceans get back to what they were before we intensively hunted them, for at least in the last 150 years... It's a big IF... We'll be able to convince the whales to enter in a regime of frenzied reproduction as quickly as possible to save us?... Save us, the ones who destroyed them?... How to convince them?...

Vera Mantero

Ficha Artística

By and With
Vera Mantero
Video, Photo and Sound Editing
Hugo Coelho/Vera Mantero
Hugo Coelho and Samuel Morais
Aldina Jesus
Costume Pattern Design
Cláudia Mateus and Hugo Coelho

Video Sources
“Snot Bot”, “Snot Bot Alaska”, “Blue whale aerial 2018” and “Earth day 5min” by Ocean Alliance/Christian Miller; “How whales mate - marine mammal adaptations”, “When Whales Walked” and “Ghost fishing” by Professor Tracey Rogers, PhD; “How whales help the climate | Whale and Dolphin Conservation” by Scholar; “Great Whale Conservancy” by Great Whale Conservancy; “Industrial Canada, Whaling: British Columbia's Least Known and Most Romantic Industry (1919)” Library and Archives Canada

“Let's Do It” by Ella Fitzgerald; “Mondo porno” by The Blow Jobbers

Michael Fishbach, Great Whale Conservancy, greatwhaleconservancy.org, U.S.A.; Mónica Almeida e Silva, IMAR-Instituto do Mar, imar.org.pt, Azores, Portugal

Executive Production
Associação Parasita / O Rumo do Fumo

Tour Management
O Rumo do Fumo

Alkantara and Terra Batida

Artistic Residency
23 Milhas, Casa da Dança, Causas Comuns, Centro Cultural de Belém, O Espaço do Tempo, Teatro do Eléctrico

Luís Freitas, Museu da Baleia da Madeira; Michael Fishbach, Great Whale Conservancy; Mónica Almeida e Silva, IMAR-Instituto do Mar; Tiago Barbosa
Project developed in the framework of Terra Batida 2020, by Marta Lança and Rita Natálio and presented for the first time at São Luiz Teatro Municipal, in the framework of Alkantara Festival 2020. (https://parasita.eu/projecto/terra-batida/)