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Good feelings, bad feelings

by Vera Mantero for PEPCC - Forum Dança, 2009

“Good feelings, bad feelings” is a work around the structure of emotions as an infinite process of empathy. A process in which the body is a space in between impressions and expressions, fugacity and durability , ourselves and the others. This work meets the idea of an infinite contact between physical expression of emotions and its collective and symbolic expression. Having as a starting point an oscillation between recognizable gestures of sympathy and curiosity and, inversely, gestures of rejection, aversion, rage or repugnancy, all recognizable shapes transit and suspend themselves on the extreme, creating a strange language of effective intensive states without history.

Rita Natálio

After two years of training, students on the Choreographic Creation, Research and Study Programme (PEPCC) help develop and perform a new creation by Vera Mantero, who also taught in the course in 2008. It rounds off the training provided by leading international artists and teachers to 15 students from eight countries. The programme is educational and artistic. It provides training in contemporary dance, offering knowledge and constant practice in a wide range of skills, within the context of Western choreography. It encourages and equips students to be critical and reflective. It also aims to integrate contemporary dance into the artistic community, and foster independence and confidence.

Ficha Artística

Artistic direction
Vera Mantero

Co-creation and performance
Acerina Ramos, Ali Moini, André Soares, Cinira Macedo, Claudia Tomasi, Francisca Santos, Jonas Vanhullebush, Julia Salaroli, Kandyê Medina, Maria Lemos, Mariana Bártolo, Mariana Tengner Barros, Natalia Viroga, Sezen Tonguz, Teresa Silva

Dramaturgical collaboration and rehearsal assistance
Rita Natálio

Costumes and space
André Guedes

Light design
Thomas Walgrave

Sound and music
Rui Dâmaso

Production coordination
O Rumo do Fumo

Forum Dança



28 - 29 November 2009, Palco do Grande Auditório, Culturgest, Lisbon/Portugal

Premiere - 4 February 2009, Teatro Helena Sá e Costa, Porto/Portugal