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Corpos decentes

by Vera Mantero, 2008

Between 1986 and 1989, during 3 academic years, António Pinto Ribeiro, Gil Mendo and Madalena Victorino taught at the Higher School of Dance (Escola Superior de Dança) in Lisbon, in those that were also the first years of that school. At the end of that time, Pinto Ribeiro and Victorino's contracts were not renewed and Gil Mendo resigned in solidarity with the former, in a somewhat troubled process. One year later, in 1990, Forum Dança was founded by Gil Mendo, Madalena Victorino, Miguel Abreu, Catarina Vaz Pinto and Cristina Santos, among others. It seemed important to remember or even raise awareness of these events today and create an opportunity for reflection: on the role of Forum Dança in contemporary dance professional training in the last 18 years, on the content conveyed by those trainers who were seen, by the State's school, as too innovative and eventually on the contents that will make sense to convey in any higher education in dance today in the Western world.

Ficha Artística

Vera Mantero
Camera and Editing
Catarina Barata
Interviews conducted by
Rita Natálio and Vera Mantero
Ana Maria Bigotte, António Pinto Ribeiro, Catarina Barata, Cristina Santos, Gil Mendo, Madalena Victorino and Rita Natálio


Premiere - Festa da Dança, April/May 2008