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Here, now, in this right moment

an initiative of Elizabete Francisca, Mariana Tengner, Vera Mantero, 2023

We often find improvisation in music, but much less often we find it in dance and performance. However, there is a whole history of improvisation that has been happening in the area of dance in the last decades. Not only in a rehearsal situation (with a view to the creation of compositional materials) but also, and it is on this aspect that this project focuses, worked on as a performance in itself, as a form of performance presented to the audience.

Improvisation in performance is a practice we believe to be fundamental in the field of performing arts. Elizabete Francisca, Mariana Tengner and Vera Mantero, who constitute the core of this project, are experienced improvisers who intend to deepen this experience and, in this particular project, intend to do so within a multidisciplinary framework, not only through the practice of improvisation in performance and its pedagogy, but also through its theoretical analysis, an essential point of this project, promoting thought, debate and publication.

Another point that should be highlighted is the difference in the production method of an improvised performance in relation to a performance built in a traditional way. It is important to appreciate and value the lightness of the production and construction of a show in these ways, the fluidity in the way of organization and presentation, in a national and european production framework that tends to become heavy, rigid and institutionalized, with all the inconveniences that this entails, also on an artistic level.

Ficha Artística

Creation and Interpretation
Elizabete Francisca, Mariana Tengner, Vera Mantero

Bruno Senune, João dos Santos Martins, Luís Guerra

João Bento, Pedro Melo Alves

Santiago Tricot

Carlota Lagido

O Rumo do Fumo

Serralves Foundation

O Rumo do Fumo is a structure financed by República Portuguesa | Cultura/ Direcção Geral das Artes


4 June 2023, Serralves em Festa 2023, Serralves Auditorium, Porto/Portugal