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Arquivo > ... k(ә) su'pσrtɐ i s(ә)ˈpaɾɐ i kõˈtɐj uʃ dojʃ mũ'duz‿i õ'dulɐ * by Vera Mantero & Guests, 2002

... k(ә) su'pσrtɐ i s(ә)ˈpaɾɐ i kõˈtɐj uʃ dojʃ mũ'duz‿i õ'dulɐ *

by Vera Mantero & Guests, 2002

i persecute (look for) something, in fact, something special.
unfortunately it is so imbricate that sometimes i lose sight of it.
at least i can say meanwhile that i have a sensitiveness that a lot of times works on its own; one could say that it distinguishes itself in a clear notion from the tragic or from the nothing or from the urgency or from the intense sensation, the intense necessity.
i also see this certain something when i hear, for example, what is happening in the songs and in the poetry and in the art of Caetano Veloso; i hear there something, which is very close to the tragic and the generosity, to the pain and the love, to the death and the possibility. i feel close to him and the way he feels: physically, rhythmically, poetically, tragically, happinessly.
that certain wish for happiness, that comprehension of happiness.
all that all together. comprehension of vision.

Vera Mantero


* in “A Cidade Queimada” by Mário Cesariny

Ficha Artística

Artistic direction
Vera Mantero

Co-creation / performance
Carlos Pez Gonzalez, Jo Stone, João Samões, Paulo Castro, Sabina Holzer, Vera Mantero

Visual conception / installation
Nadia Lauro

Light design
Jean Michel Le Lez

Nuno Rebelo

Executive production
O Rumo do Fumo

Danças na Cidade, Montpellier Danse 02, Lugar Comum, CAPa/DeVIR

Other supports
AFAA – French Ministry for Foreign Affaires, Ministry for Culture – GRI, Portugal, National Theatre São Carlos, Lisbon, Bazar do Vídeo, Lisbon

1h 25


24 - 25 March 2005, Kaai Theater, Brussels/Belgium

20 - 22 October 2005, Tanzquartier, Vienna/Austria

24 - 26 November 2004, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris/France

20 - 21 February 2003, La Friche La Belle de Mai, Marselhe/France (Miguel Pereira has participated in this performance replacing Carlos Pez)

1 - 3 July 2002, Festival Montpellierdanse, Montpellier/France

22, 24 and 25 June 2002, Festival Danças na Cidade 2002/CCB-Pequeno Auditório, Lisbon/Portugal