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Miguel meets Karima

by Miguel Pereira, 2006

Miguel Meets Karima is a one-performer show. On stage, there is only Miguel Pereira, but the audience only sees Karima Mansour, an Egyptian choreographer. They met at a residency in Italy, did a small performance and received several proposals to develop a work together. For a year, they travelled through three continents in residencies and preparatory work, until two weeks before the premiere, at the Alkantara festival, after many differences and misunderstandings, they got angry for good and decided to do each their own piece. Miguel Meets Karima is the story of these meetings and disagreements, of what brought them together and then came to separate them. A detailed account not only of their relationship, but also of the intricacies of the arts and the obsession of programme-makers to generate partnerships that explore the games of complicity and contrast between two creativities, two cultures, two genders.

Hello Karima,

I'm sorry [not] to give you news sooner but actually I just had a very rushed time with all these travels and works so close. I've been thinking a lot in our collaboration and the way things ends in Rio - for me at least - and I have a very weird sensation of it. Actually I start to realise that our collaboration it's not definitely a cultural but a personal problem, so my difficulty is more about to deal with you as a person than with your cultural frame. And it's not a problem of difficulty or fear or given up. Usually I like to work with difficult challenges but I don't think that it's healthy to punish ourselves (at least I). As we developed our collaboration in a very psychological way, 'like a marriage' - and this is not a criticism - for me now it's impossible to separate this item from our artistic process. I feel that I don't want to continue something artistically based on that. But I don't have any solution for it. So, if you have an idea or if you have thought about it, please say something. Otherwise it's better to admit that our collaboration doesn’t work and we have to stop it and continuing our own processes. I'm sorry to be so direct. I would like that things were different but I cannot afford to change it. I hope that everything is going well with you, hope to hear from you soon,

Kiss, Miguel


Ficha Artística

Conception and Performance
Miguel Pereira

Dramaturgical Collaboration
Roger Bernat and Rui Catalão

Costume Execution
Mónica Bertran

Executive Production
O Rumo do Fumo (Lisbon), Alkantara (Lisbon) and Panorama Rio Dança (Rio de Janeiro)

Festival Alkantara 2006, Panorama Rio Dança, O Rumo do Fumo, Festival Mapa / Cel.lula Sant Mori, Jangada de Pedra, Galeria ZDB

Artistic Residency
CENTA - Centro de Estudos de Novas Tendências Artísticas, Cel.lula Sant Mori, Negócio/ZDB

European Cultural Foundation, Telemar (Brazil)
Tour Support 2021
Fundação GDA


7 - 16 December 2023, Teatro Municipal São Luiz, Sala Mário Viegas, Lisbon/Portugal
26 June 2021, Festival Extension Sauvage, Gardens of Hôtel du Château de la Ballue, Bazouges-la-Pérouse/France
28 November 2020, CORPO DE HOJE festival de artes performativas de Tavira, Online at facebook.com/corpodehoje /Portugal
8 February 2018, Festival Escenas do Cambio/Fundación Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, Sala Agustín Magán, Centro Sociocultural de Santa Marta, Santiago de Compostela/Spain
10 June 2017, NAVE, Santiago/Chile
8 May 2016, Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de Uruguay, Sala Zavala Muniz, Teatro Solís, Montevideo/Uruguay
23 October 2013, Festival ContraDança, Covilhã/Portugal 
28 June 2009, Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde, Vila do Conde/Portugal
10 September 2008, Kaaitheater, Brussels/Belgium
23 February 2008, Festival Complicitats, Barcelona/Spain
6 November 2007, Festival Panorama, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
11 - 12 May 2007, Maus Hábitos/Festival da Fábrica, Porto/Portugal
23 August 2006, Stara Elektrama (Old Power Station)/Mladi Levi International Festival, Ljubljana/Slovenia
Premiere - 7 - 10 June 2006, Negócio/ZDB – Festival Alkantara, Lisbon/Portugal