Em Circulação > Notes for an Invisible Show by Miguel Pereira, 2001

Notes for an Invisible Show

by Miguel Pereira, 2001

This project is a work for four performers and one fine art collaborator about the theme of invisibility, constituted by two parts, being the first - « Notes for an Invisible Show » - to be presented this year in December.
It is a work that aims at exploring the frontier between the apparent world, of immediate perception – the visible world – and the undergrounds of image and of the apparent reality that we built and that surrounds us – the so called invisible world. It is a reflection on the economic, social, cultural, historical and political situation of today, through the point of view of each one of us that looks for and wants a different world, fairer and more balanced.
It is a work against greed and fantasy happiness that gives us a world more and more connected to the immediate and fugacious success. It is a work about the ephemeral of matter, about the eternity of the soul, about the strength of our imaginary, about the demolishing power of the norm, the rule, the tabu and the prejudice, about the quality of time, about the never ending search for happiness, about immanence, about what will come.

Ficha Artística

General concept
Miguel Pereira

Miguel Pereira, Nuno Lucas, Tiago Guedes

Artistic consultant
André Guedes, Daniel Tércio, Antonio Carallo

Executive producer
O Rumo do Fumo

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II