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A Rose of Muscles

by Vera Mantero, 1989

This piece was not an original idea of mine. It was a commission of Acarte for the celebration of Nijinsky’s centenary. I guess I would never do a solo on Nijinsky if it weren’t for that. It’s good to do something you would never. It was also the first solo I choreographed. It was fortunate enough to choreograph it while it was studying in New York, a town where you feel happy for all the information available around you. I ran through the life and work of Vaslav Nijinsky, glad to meet more deeply such a fascinating character. What stroke me the most: the role sensuality played in him: the ecstasy he provoked in audiences and him himself; the inevitability of his art , either for survival or annihilation; the kind of dance in which he trained and worked for years – ballet – and the totally innovative and opposite on he created with his choreography ; and finally the turbulence and speed of his life, which his spirit couldn’t take. But the solo could not be based only in Nijinsky because I was the one who was going to “talk” about him – I was on the scene to. So this is a picture of my picture of the portrayed.

Vera Mantero


“...A creator gifted with an unusual sensibility, who uses a very personal language, it is when she dances her pieces that the work of Vera Mantero appears to us in all its truth. Her strength on stage is the result of a unique combination between technique and contained movement, which develop over an exceptional knowledge of manipulating rhythm.”

Excepts of text in the program by André Lepecki

Ficha Artística

Choreography and performance
Vera Mantero

Bruno d'Almeida

Carlota Lagido

Light designer
João Paulo Xavier from an original of Rui Fernandes


Companhia Nacional de Bailado

15 min


13 January 2000, Centre de Développement Chóregraphique, Toulouse/France

12 June 1999, Teatro Lethes, Faro/Portugal

4 - 6 May 1999, Mês de Março, Mês de Vera, Culturgest, Lisbon/Portugal

24 May 1997, Centre Culturel Aragon, Tremblay-en-France/France

13 and 15 December 1996, Festival DanzarTeatro, Sardegna (Sassari e Cagliari)/Italy

28 September - 1 October 1995, Cine-Teatro Carlos Manuel, Sintra/Portugal

2 August 1992, Tanzwerkstatt Europa, Munich/Germany

14 April 1992, La Ferme du Buisson, Marne-la-Valée/France

12 January 1992, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana/Slovenia

4 November 1991, Limelight, Kortrijk/Belgium

2 November 1991, Thêatre 140, Brussels/Belgium

24 - 26 September 1991, Casa das Artes, Porto/Portugal

16 - 17 August 1991, Tanz im August, Berlin/Germany

July/August 1991, Mostra Tendências, Clube Artes e Ideias, Forum Picoas, Lisbon/Portugal

10 July 1991, Festival Belluard-Bolwerk, Friburg/Switzerland

4 May 1991, Springdance Festival, Utrecht/Netherlands

4 December 1990, Teatro da Trindade, Lisbon/Portugal

Premiere - 17 - 19 November 1989, ACARTE, Lisbon/Portugal