Em Circulação > Pongoland by Nuno Lucas & Hermann Heisig, 2008

Pongoland by Nuno Lucas & Hermann Heisig, 2008

Pongo Land is the meeting of two very different bodies: those of Nuno Lucas and Hermann Heisig, authors and performers of this work.

On stage they explore their differences, similarities and possible or impossible relations between their bodies, causing a strong meeting between humour and monstrosity. They compare themselves, copy each other and compete incessantly, creating a state of constant transformation. Pongo Land confronts the limits of what is human normality and how we react to what is strange and different to us.

Ficha Artística

Choreography and performance
Nuno Lucas & Hermann Heisig
Collective Consciousness

Théâtre de l'Usine

Tanzwerkstatt Berlin, CENTA, Forum Dança, ACCCA

Thanks to
Theo Solnik, Florent Delval, Beby Raza, André Theriault, Christabel Heisig, Johannes Heisig, Maria Lucas, João Lucas, Madeleine
Fournier, Anne Zacho Sogaard


11 June 2017, Festival Pépete Lumière, Suin/France

25 October 2015, Festival Densit, Fresnes-en-Woëvre/France

8-9 February 2015, Archa Teather -Dance Transi, Prague/República Checa

15 February 2014, Théâtre de Vanves - Festival Artdanth, Paris/France

12 February 2014, Teatro Pradill, Madrid/Spain

4 November 2012, Culturgest - Festival Celebração, Lisbon/Portugal

10-11 February 2012, Zodiak - Side Step Festival, Helsinki/Finland

28 November 2011, Next Festival – Espace Pier Pasolini, Valencienne/France

24-25 June 2011, Studioworks, Cologne/Germany

18-19 June 2011, Dock 11, Berlin/Germany

17 February 2011, Frascati, Amsterdam/Netherlands

5-6 November 2010, Festival Euroscene-Leipzig, Leipzig/Germany

2 October 2010, Theater Magdeburg, Magdeburg/Germany

15 September 2009, Festival Incubate, Tilburg/Netherlands

23 May 2009, Fabrik Postdam, Postdam/Germany

1 May 2009, Festival da Fábrica de Movimentos, Porto/Portugal

17 January 2009, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon/Portugal

Premiere 11-16 November 2008, Théâtre de l’Usine, Geneva/Switzerland

Preview 16 August 2008, Festival Tanz im August, Berlin/Germany