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Splendour and Dysmorphia

by Vera Mantero and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, 2019

Hybrid recital for two landscape-bodies animated by breathing. An agglomerate which destroys and amplifies itself, disaster and anti-disaster in which acceleration, fungus and voice survive. Invisible splendours. Hyper-future and hyper-past. Between dysmorphia, the sun and the flesh.

Ficha Artística

Creation and Performance
Vera Mantero and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Set, Costumes and Props
Vera Mantero and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Ribbon Mask Construction
Aldina Jesus

Light Design
Leticia Skrycky
Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Vera Mantero
Paysage avec Argonautes by Heiner Müller, excerpts of Le monstre dans l’art occidental by Gilbert Lascault. © edited by Klincksieck, Paris
Joos van Craesbeeck and Erbe, Pooley: USDA, ARS, EMU 
O Rumo do Fumo
SACD - Festival d'Avignon and Centro Cultural Vila Flor
André Guedes, Catarina Miranda, Miguel Pereira and Tiago Barbosa
A first version of Splendour and Dysmorphia was created during the 73rd edition of the Festival d’Avignon, programme Vive le Sujet!,  a coproduction SACD-Festival d’Avignon.


20 June - 20 July 2021, Portuguese Platform of Performing Arts, Online/Portugal
29 October 2020, Linha de Fuga - Laboratory & International Performing Arts Festival, Oficina Municipal do Teatro, Coimbra/Portugal
7 February 2020, Festival GUIdance - Vera Mantero festival's focus artist, Pequeno Auditório, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães/Portugal
Premiere - 6 to 8 and 10 to 12 July 2019, Festival d'Avignon - Vive le Sujet!, Jardin de la Vierge du lycée Saint-Joseph, Avignon/France