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Em Circulação > Tsunamism Recital for two strings in M by Elizabete Francisca, 2013

Tsunamism Recital for two strings in M

by Elizabete Francisca, 2013

This solo is based on the construction of a body. A body-image, a body-ornament, that can contain in itself at the same time whole the strength of a Dantesque universe and the apparent tranquility of a paradise devastated by the fire after a foam party. As if, at a first glance, it would be possible to create a body that would carry an entire history and a whole symbolic universe in dialogue with another (the same) naked body.
In this performance the images oscillate between archetypes of the divine beauty and the apparently monstrous, between the human and the animal, between the language and non-language, between silence and noise. It speaks about that coming and going between the rational and irrational, brain and heart, programming and intuition. Acephalous gender with brain and heart, was what I wanted to construct, leaving the images that inhabit us pass through the body until it tries to come up to something more raw and rough, more earthly, maybe more simple. Whatever that is.
[It seems to me that we become too well educated and reasonable, too used to being a silent machine screw in a catatonic bubble, too busy smoking TV opium, too cozy in a rocking chair looking at the mirror of others as the only salvation. This is a slowly decomposition, it's life without attraction, it's individual insufficiency. It's a foundation made of dough, wasted kumbaya. It turns the desire off, the gap needed for dreams, horniness, ecstasy, laughter, screaming and so on.] But then I ask myself: what is left? After all what's left when you try to let it drop (yes maybe being on what we call despoliation), what's left when you let things drop, the wry 'how are you are you well?', the silicon armors, the pocket ideals, the wrappers?... I don't know, it might depend on the case and there aren't truths. I still don't know how to do it but there is a phrase that is repeating in my head tout que je peut faire c'est être là, tout que je peut donner c'est ça, être lá, like this, even in French. And the circus will always be set up. Well there. To keep a body alive you have to keep it in a network of paradoxes. The starting point for the creation of this solo was the invitation by –mente for a performance at the RITZ CLUB in Lisbon, the launched proposal aimed to conceive a performative object inspired by an idea of glory, rise, sacralization, past, game and immortality, with a duration limited to about eight minutes.

Ficha Artística

Artistic direction and performance 
Elizabete Francisca 
Artistic and rehearsal assistance
André Soares

Punctual artistic assistance
Rita Natálio

António Mv

Music and Sound design
João Bento

Light design and technical direction
Carlos Ramos

O Rumo do Fumo


Financial support
Forum Dança/DÉPARTS

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Studio support/residencies
ON/OFF Residencies integrated in the European Culture Capital, Guimarães, AZEITE-Tojeira and Culturgest

João Ferro Martins, Jorge Bragada, -mente team, Marianne Baillot, Helena Serra, Teresa Silva and Antonia Buresi

Forum Dança belongs to the international network DÉPARTS. DÉPARTS network is supported by EC (Cultural Program 2007-2013).


25 - 26 de August 2015, Chapelle, Les Brigittines, Brussels/Belgium

1 November 2014, A Moagem, Fundão/Portugal

8 May 2014, Plataforma EDN/modul-dance, Faro/Portugal

Premiere - 22 - 23 November 2013, Culturgest, Lisbon/Portugal 


Patrick Jordens