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Arquivo > We are going to miss everything we don't need by Vera Mantero & Guests, 2009

We are going to miss everything we don't need

by Vera Mantero & Guests, 2009

Etymologically, the word “object” contains the idea that an object is something that is placed before us, something that exists or is there to be seen.
We are going to miss everything we don’t need presents objects of the world. Between these objects and those who manipulate them a rebound effect happens, an unexpected unveiling of meaning(s). Between these objects, those who manipulate them and the spectator is created a triangle - a tension that pushes the boundaries of ideas and sensations, as symbols become vibrating forces.
Facing these objects, ideas are paths to other ideas and as on all paths, there are passages that widen, narrow and bifurcate. We can follow these pathways with different rhythms and patterns of breath, as if thoughts were shaped by the way they pulsate and clash. Objects of the world, in contact and short-circuiting, are on a path and exist somewhere between the material and the ethereal, the quotidian and the dreamlike, the generic and the exceptional. And it might be precisely in this rearrangement of our everyday world - this world of generic objects, production, consumption and waste - that we can touch another side of things.

Rita Natálio

Ficha Artística

Artistic direction
Vera Mantero

Performance and co-creation
Christophe Ives, Marcela Levi, Miguel Pereira and Vera Mantero

Dramaturgical collaboration
Rita Natálio

Space and costume design
Nadia Lauro

the whole team

Music and sound design
Andrea Parkins

Light and technical direction
Erik Houllier

O Rumo do Fumo

Alkantara, Lisboa/Portugal; Culturgest, Lisboa/Portugal; Teatro de la Laboral-Ciudad de la Cultura, Gijón/Espanha; Kunsten Festival des Arts, Bruxelas/Bélgica; Festival Montpellier Danse 09, Montpellier/França

Co-production and residence
CNDC Angers, Angers/France; O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo/Portugal; PACT Zollverein, Essen/Germany

Residence and support
Les Brigittines, Brussels/Belgium; Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães/Portugal, Atelier Re.Al, Lisbon/Portugal

Atelier Re.Al, Lisbon/Portugal


15 September 2012, Theatro Circo, Braga/Portugal
8 September 2012, Teatro Garcia Resende/CENDREV, Évora/Portugal
1 and 2 June 2012, Madeira Music Festival/Casa das Artes das Mudas, Madeira/Portugal
16 June 2010, Teatro da Cerca de São Bernardo, Coimbra/Portugal
7 - 9 June 2010, Alkantara Festival, Culturgest, Lisbon/Portugal
21 - 22 May 2010, Alkantara Festival, Teatro Nacional de São João, Porto/Portugal
12 - 15 May 2010, Kunsten Festival des Arts, Brussels/Belgium
8 May 2010, Teatro La Laboral Escena, Gijón/Spain
3 - 4 July 2009, Montpellier Danse Festival 2009, Montpellier/France 
Premiere - 19 - 20 June 2009, PACT Zollverein, Essen/Germany