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Arquivo > Around the Table: for an imaginary of the gesture (Lisbon) collective project, 2016

Around the Table: for an imaginary of the gesture (Lisbon)

collective project, 2016

Performative Event

The hypertechnological economy of today has created a world of experts, with a very specific knowledge in their work areas.  This extreme specialization has created a society composed by compartmentalized responsibilities in which each person acts exclusively in its area of competence. Around the table is a step towards the opposite direction, a gesture that proposes a reapproximation based on the reality that we all share: the body and its abilities. Renewing the form of a traditional conference, Around the table takes the form of a performative event which invites people who have a particular body practice to share their knowledge with a small public gathered around an ensemble of tables. The participants will have the opportunity to think and dialogue with people from various areas in the contemporary society, about the gesture that emerges through a specific activity or profession: a fireman, a butcher, a gleaner, a doctor, a cook, among others. This event proposes to reconsider the connections between practice and theory, valuing the subjective body experience and its role in understanding the world we live in.

1 and 2 October 2016 at 5.30pm, cycle Utopias, gardens of Palácio Pombal, Lisbon


Film screenings at Cinemateca Portuguesa, Lisbon, Portugal

27 September at 6.30pm - Biographies of work:
- Portraits by Alain Cavalier (France, 1988/91 - 49 min.)

Panel discussion with Frédéric Vidal, Miguel Bonneville and Luísa Veloso.

28 September at 6.30pm - Bodies in unpaced movements:
- Ritual in transfigured time by Maya Deren (United States, 1946 – 15 min.)
- Wodaabe: Herdsmen of the Sun by Werner Herzog (France, Germany, 1989 – 49 min.)

Panel discussion with Andresa Soares, André Guedes and Elizabete Francisca.

The scheduled film sessions at Cinemateca Portuguesa have the essential goal of promoting a reflection on the forms of representing the body and gesture, taking cinema and performing arts as starting points.
Curated by Luísa Veloso, Elizabete Francisca and Francisca Manuel.

Ficha Artística

Loïc Touzé and Anne Kerzerho

Implemented by
António MV, Carolina Campos, Catarina Santos, David Marques, Francisca Manuel, Filipe Pereira, Joana Leal, Luísa Veloso, Matthieu Ehrlacher, Sara Palácios, Sezen Tonguz and Teresa Silva

Coordinated by
Elizabete Francisca

International team
Alain Michard, Jennifer Bonn and Loïc Touzé

Afonso Wallenstein, Ana Teresa Inácio, Guilherme da Luz, Joana de Castro, João Carvalho, João Jacinto, Margarida Bettencourt, Nuno Carrusca, Patrícia Timóteo, Paula Cristina Peralta, Rosa Cunha, Sara Semedo, Telmo Cruz, Vasco Nobre Lopes and Xico da Ladra

Zarabatana (Bernardo Álvares, Carlos Godinho and Yaw Tembe)

Conception of the meal
Catarina Santos and Inês Milagres, with assistance by Maria Milagres

O Rumo do Fumo

ORO/Nantes (structure funded by Ministère de la Culture - Drac Pays de la Loire, by Région Pays de la Loire, Town council of Nantes, and is supported by Département Loire Atlantique, and Institut Français for its projects abroad) with participation of the collective kom.post and Louma (founding members of the project)

Coproduction (Lisbon edition)
Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

Alkantara, Cinemateca Portuguesa, Companhia de Teatro de Almada, Forum Dança and Miosótis

André Guedes, Andresa Soares, Jari Marjamäki, João Bento, Frédéric Vidal, Guilhermina Simões, Madalena Contente, Mariana Tengner Barros, Michele de Solda, Miguel Bonneville, Nuno Bernardino, alunos do curso PEPCC do Forum Dança, 3/QUARTOS and Causas Comuns
Image credits
Catarina Santos
O Rumo do Fumo is financed by Ministério da Cultura / Direcção-Geral das Artes.
The Lisbon edition of this project is produced by O Rumo do Fumo (Lisbon) and ORO (Nantes), with the participation of the collective kom.post (Berlin) and Louma (Rennes).
In the framework of the network Create to Connect with the support of Programa Cultura of the European Union.


Performative Event - 1 and 2 October 2016, cycle Utopias, Palácio Pombal's garden, Lisbon/Portugal

Screenings - 27 and 28 September 2016, Sala Luís de Pina, Cinemateca Portuguesa, Lisbon/Portugal