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Lisbon by Sound

Tim Etchells and Alkantara, 2014

In Lisbon by Sound Tim Etchells invites four Lisbon artists to create an online audio project about their city.


Dance and performance duo Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, choreographer Vera Mantero, writer and performance maker Patrícia Portela, and Rui ‘Riot’ Pité (of Buraka Som Sistema) each create a 5 – 10 minutes sound work relating to a specific location of their choosing, somewhere in Lisbon. These works respond to the city and ask questions about how online and real world spaces can interact. The pieces will be available to download and listened to in situ at each particular location.

Alongside the commissioned sound works, four short films will be published online. Each film is a dialogue between the artist and Tim Etchells, a continuation or extension of the sound piece through reflection and discussion. 



“The greatest division of material and mental labour is the separation of town and country. The opposition between town and country begins with the transition from tribal system to State, the transition from locality to nation. The opposition between town and country is the most crass expression of the subjection of the individual under the division of labour, subjection under a definite activity forced upon him [and which is only a tiny part of the production of an object as a whole, or of an activity as a whole. To put it differently, a tiny part of the construction of meaning, of the construction of meaning for life].

This division of labour turns one man into a restricted town-animal, the other into a restricted country-animal; and each day creates more and more the conflict between their interests. Labour is here the main issue, power over individuals, and as long as it exists, private property must also exist. The abolition of the town-country opposition is one of the first conditions of community. A condition which again depends on a great number of material premises and which cannot be fulfilled by the mere will, as anyone can see at first glance.”

(The German Ideology by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels)

One must reunite town and country.

Come and see at second glance.

Ficha Artística

Curated by
Tim Etchells e Alkantara
With projects by
Sofia Dias e Vítor Roriz
Vera Mantero
Patrícia Portela
Rui ‘Riot’ Pité
Comissioned by
British Council