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The collaboration between O Rumo do Fumo and Forum Dança began in 2008 when the two structures joined to create the EDIFÍCIO at LX Factory. Under the scope of the Portuguese dance community, a new cooperation format was introduced by this project enhancing new work dynamics.

In April 2014, both structures took an ambitious step with the creation of ESPAÇO DA PENHA, a common space which officially opened on October 31. Equipped with five studios, work offices, classroom, Forum Dança's documentation centre and media library, storage spaces and common areas, ESPAÇO DA PENHA is an open house for the national and international artistic community and anyone interested in the performing arts.

This new space allows to simultaneously develop several activities and hosts permanent artistic structures, as well as artists for short and long periods of artistic residency. This dynamics increases and diversifies the range of activities while opening the space to the community and general public.

In addition of its constitution as the WORK CENTER of both structures, ESPAÇO DA PENHA has other companies and artists in PERMANENT RESIDENCY, such as Frame 408 in the field of Architecture and Urban interventions, , as well as individual artist and academic in the field of Performance Valentina Desideri, and the colective Piscina - which includes the performance artists Márcia Lança, Carolina Campos, Leticia Skrycky, Santiago Rodríguez Tricot, Romain Beltrão Teule, Julian Pacomio, Bibi Dória, Bruno Brandolino, Filipe Caldeira, Daniel Pizamiglio and Adalina Anobile.

In addition to the practical classes (Yoga, Dance, Pilates, etc.), Forum Dança also extends its activity to EDUCATION holding courses, seminars and workshops. Some of these result from the long-standing collaboration between O Rumo do Fumo and Forum Dança, such as the conference cycle "My Dance History" (started in 2011).

ESPAÇO DA PENHA also hosts informal presentations of works and book launches, supporting EMERGING ARTISTS. The space is open to the community and the studio can be rented by any artist or structure for their artistic work, as well as classes, training sessions, etc. With great recognition at national and international level, O Rumo do Fumo and Forum Dança congregate the creative energies of dozens of artists and hundreds of students who bring a new dynamics to the neighbourhood. The potential of this ARTISTIC CLUSTER will also give rise to new creative expressions, particularly in the area of arts programming. The goal is to have this creative polo identified as a place to make proposals and develop projects, a place to go. To inhabit.


For more information, contact +351 213 431 646 / +351 912 083 584 / joao@orumodofumo.com